The short answer is No.

The Orca Premium is offered exclusively to owners of the Orca Core and the Orca Display.

Our goal is that you have the best possible boating experience. This is why we combine the Orca Premium subscription with the Orca devices into a single bundle.

We take safety aboard very seriously, and we believe that it is important to navigate with precise instrumentation. This is one of the reasons why we built the Orca Core: to provide you with accurate location and motion during your navigation.

The Core delivers 4x better GPS accuracy than your average smartphone and tablet.

While Orca App users experience an average GPS accuracy of 12.5 meters with their phone and tablet, the average Orca Core user experiences an accuracy of fewer than 3 meters.

The Orca Core also connects to transducers, engine gateways, wind sensors, autopilots, and much more. To sum it up, with the Orca Core, your phone and tablet get upgraded into advanced and fully-featured chartplotters.

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