How to save & edit routes?
Written by Jorge Sevillano
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To save a route, press Save from the route preview.

You can also edit a route by adding new waypoints or changing the start and destination.

To do so, select a saved or preview a new route, and click on Edit Waypoints from the bottom menu.

  • To add new waypoints along the route, long-press in the map. The route will re-calculate to include your new waypoint.

  • To move the location of a waypoint, long-press and drag it to the desired location.

  • To remove a waypoint, tap on it and press Delete from the bottom menu

Orca offers automatic and manual routing.

The automatic mode is default and takes into account your boat profile to automatically find a navigable path between your waypoints. Manual mode connects the waypoints with straight lines, which means you need to define every waypoint yourself.

To disable automatic routing, press the Switch in the top right corner of the Edit Waypoint screen.

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