Orca Core Settings
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

In addition to the functionality explained above. You may change some preferences on the behavior of the Orca Core:

  • Automatic connect to known Orca Cores - Enabled by default. Once you have connected to a Core. The Orca App will remember it and connect automatically to it the next time it finds it.

  • Updates - You may verify the current software version running on the Orca Core. You can also check if there are new software updates available for the Orca Core. It is recommended to install the recommended version and keep the Orca Core up to date. We release improvements and new features on a regular basis.

  • Diagnostics - This is an advanced menu used for debugging. If you have issues with your system, you should contact us and we may ask you to share this view with us.

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