Sailing instruments
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

This advanced view has been meticulously designed for sailors. It features a compass-like visualization where you can visualize the most relevant sailing parameters.

In addition, we have added a number of textual gauges to complement the visual representation.

The visual representation comprehends the following information:

  • Heading - represented by the black compass rose

  • True wind angle - represented by the green diamond

  • True wind speed

  • Apparent wind angle - represented by the large blue diamond

  • Direction and strenght of current - represented by the blue arrow

  • Course over ground - represented by the orange diamond.

The available metrics for customization are:

  • Depth

  • Engine data - RPM, voltage, boost pressure, operating hours, temperature, tilt, oil level

  • Fuel - consumptions, level, range

  • Battery voltage

  • Temperature - water and ambient.

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