How do I center the chart at my location?
Updated over a week ago

The Follow Me button moves the chart to your current location. On smaller screens, the Follow Me button is positioned in the bottom right corner.

On large screens, such as tablets, the button is placed on the right side of the screen together with a pair of zoom buttons.

The Follow Me button can be tapped multiple times with different results:

  • First tap – The charts center on your location and orientate itself course-up

  • Second tap – The chart centers on your location and orientates north-up

After pressing the button, the map camera will follow you so you are always at the center of the screen.

If you interact with the chart, such as panning or zooming, the chart will stop following your location. To make the chart follow your location again, tap the Follow Me button again.

If you rotate the map, sometimes you may want to return the chart rotation to the North. To do so press the Compass button on the top right side of the screen.

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