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How do I download offline charts?
How do I download offline charts?
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To download charts, open the Main menu and select Offline Charts. You will now see an overview map of your current location along with several squares covering parts of the chart.

  • Downloaded areas are shown as green

  • Areas that are currently downloading are shown as blue

  • Selected squares are shown in grey

To download new charts:

  1. Pan the map to your desired location, and a number of grey squares will appear at the center of the screen.

  2. Press on Download to begin downloading the highlighted areas.

The selected areas will turn blue and show a progress indicator. Once the download is complete, the area will turn green.

You can download multiple cells at a time by panning the chart to a new area and pressing Download again.

Orca automatically downloads areas around your current location the first time you start the system and when you travel outside your offline chart coverage.

Offline Charts are only available to Orca Customers. Customers with an expired subscription will only be able to download charts that have previously been downloaded while their subscription was active.

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