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Which Orca functionality requires an internet connection to function?
Which Orca functionality requires an internet connection to function?
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Orca is a navigation system designed for the modern boater.

Contrary to traditional navigation systems, several experiences in Orca require an active internet connection to function. This article explains how Orca functions with and without an internet connection.

The design principles of Orca

Orca is built to function as a primary navigation system in a fully offline environment, with similar capabilities to that of a traditional chartplotter. In Orca, charts can be downloaded and stored on your device for offline access. Positioning, boat controls, instruments, and automatic routing for engine work fully without internet access.

Orca and internet connectivity

More and more boaters have an onboard internet connection via a phone, tablet, Orca Display, an onboard WiFi router, or Starlink. Orca uses this internet connection to deliver a more modern and capable experience than a traditional chartplotter. These experiences are listed in the table below.



Weather forecasts

Forecasts are downloaded on demand when you view weather forecasts for a location or a route. Forecasts are automatically downloaded around your location when connected to the internet. Forecasts are stored on your device for 36 hours. Weather forecasts older than 3 hours are shown as outdated.

Sail routing and rerouting

Creating and editing sail routes requires an active network connection. Automatic rerouting for sail routes requires an active network connection.
Engine routing, rerouting for engine routes, and manual routing work while offline.

AIS targets and images

AIS targets supplied via MarineTraffic and images of AIS targets require an active internet connection. Up to 150 images of vessels viewed in the past are stored offline on your device.
Targets supplied via an NMEA 2000-connected receiver do not require an internet connection to be visible in the chart.

Synchronization of saved spots and routes

Cross-device synchronization of saved spots and routes requires an internet connection.

Saving a spot or route does not require an internet connection.

Synchronization of Logbook

For the Logbook to update/synchronize, your device must be connected to the internet. Your device must also be connected to the Core via WiFi or WiFi Link to synchronize logs from the Core to the Orca cloud.

Synchronization of an active route

Your active route synchronizes via the internet and via the Core.

Software updates

Software updates for the Core will automatically be downloaded to your device when it has an internet connection. Installing the update to Core can be done without an internet connection.

Updating your Display requires an active internet connection during the update.

Chart downloads and updates

Chart downloads and updates require an internet connection.

Location sharing

Location sharing requires an active internet connection.

Is offline functionality in Orca available to everyone?

Some offline functionality is only available with an Orca Subscription.

  1. If you are using a free account, you will not be able to view charts and plan routes without an internet connection.

  2. If you have an expired subscription, your offline charts are retained on your device(s), but you will not be able to update them or download additional charts.

If you have questions about using Orca without an internet connection or want recommendations for how to get an internet connection onboard your boat, don't hesitate to reach out to

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