How do I connect to my Orca Core?
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The first time you connect to Orca Core

Orca will pair your Core to your account the first time you connect. To do so:

  1. Power on your Core

  2. Open the Orca app and keep it close to your Core

  3. A popup will appear within 30 seconds, asking to pair the Core

  4. Confirm the pairing

After pairing, Orca will ask you to update your Core. You should do so before you continue to use Orca.

Connecting to Orca Core after pairing

Orca will automatically connect to your Core when it is within range. When connected, a small toast on the top of the screen will notify you.

You do not need a WiFi password or any other password to connect to your Core. The Orca app will automatically connect to Cores that are paired with your account.

To view the status of your Core, open Main Menu > My Boat.

The different connection modes

Orca can connect to a Core via three different modes.

  • Bluetooth – a direct connection to Core. The recommended method for most boaters

  • WiFi – a direct connection to Core. Recommended for boaters who need a faster sensor update rate than Bluetooth offers. Is required for syncing trips and updating the Core

  • WiFi Link – a WiFi connection via an external WiFi router. Recommended if you have a high-performance WiFi router onboard and want your device to stay connected to the WiFi router while having a fast update rate.

If you have connectivity problems, review the relevant support guides and contact support at if the problem persists.

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