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How do I connect my Orca Core to a WiFi or ethernet network?
How do I connect my Orca Core to a WiFi or ethernet network?
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Orca Core can be connected to an existing WiFi or Ethernet network.

Why should I connect the Core to a WiFi or Ethernet network?

If you have a WiFi and/or ethernet network onboard, we recommend connecting your Core to the network for the following reasons:

  1. To simplify your onboard connection setup. It will allow your phone, tablet, and Orca Display to connect to your onboard WiFi network, receive internet, and stay connected to the Core via high-speed WiFi

  2. To connect the Core to the internet. This is required for Remote Access and other cloud functionality.

  3. To connect the Core to radar. An ethernet connection will give the most stable and reliable radar experience.

There are two ways to connect the Core to a network: via WiFi Link and via an ethernet cable. If both options are available to you, connect via an ethernet cable for the most reliable setup.

How do I connect the Core to a WiFi network?

Orca Core connects to onboard WiFi routers via WiFi Link.

To set up WiFi Link, connect your app to your Orca Core and open Main Menu > My Boat > WiFi Link. From here, find your WiFi network and enter the WiFi password for the network.

We recommend you set up a fixed WiFi channel on your WiFi network when using WiFi Link. This can give a more stable experience with certain WiFi routers.

How do I connect the Core to an ethernet network?

The Orca Core comes with a M12 D-coded female ethernet connector. To connect the Orca Core to a standard ethernet switch, you'll need an M12 male to RJ45 adapter. We recommend the following high-quality and cost-effective alternatives:

  1. Amphenol RJS-12D04FM-RS8001 (Mouser webshop)

  2. L-COM M12RJ454D-0.5 (Digikey webshop)

If you are connecting to a Raymarine HS switch, you'll also need RayNet female to RJ45 male cable. These are Raymarine part numbers A62360 / A80151 / A80159. See the Raymarine website for more options and cable lengths.

Once the Core is physically connected via ethernet, all devices connected to that network, either directly via ethernet or via a connected WiFi network will be able to access the Orca Core.

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