How does Orca connect to Raymarine equipment?

How Orca connects to Seatalk and SeatalkNG by Raymarine

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Orca supports connecting to a wide range of Raymarine equipment, sensors, autopilots, and radars via the Orca Core.

Which type of Raymarine equipment is supported?

Raymarine devices connect via two types of boat networks:

  • SeatalkNG - introduced in 2007

  • Seatalk - introduced in 1989

How you connect to Orca depends on which network you have.

How do I figure out which Raymarine boat network I have?

If you have an E-series Raymarine chartplotter or ST-instruments, you likely have a Seatalk boat network. This is typical if the electronics in your boat were installed before 2010.

If you have an Axiom, Element, eS chartplotter, or I-series instruments – you likely have a SeatalkNG boat network. This is typical if the electronics in your boat were installed after 2012.

If the connectors on your chartplotter and instruments have a long and partially rounded shape, you have Seatalk. The image below shows a Seatalk cable.

If the connectors on your chartplotter and instruments are round, with black and white or black and blue cable color, you have SeatalkNG. The image below shows a SeatalkNG cable.

How do I connect to SeatalkNG networks?

Orca connects directly to SeatalkNG networks with the SeatalkNG to NMEA 2000 adapter cable with Raymarine part numbers A06045 and A06075.

Power will be supplied to the Orca Core via the SeatalkNG network, making it a "plug-and-play" installation.

How do I connect to Seatalk networks?

Orca connects to Seatalk networks via Raymarine's Seatalk to SeatalkNG converter. The converter's Raymarine part number is E22158.

You will also need the A06045 or A06075 cable to connect the Orca Core to your SeatalkNG converter.

Below you'll find a connection diagram of how you can connect Orca Core to a typical Seatalk and SeatalkNG network with an S-series autopilot. Click on the illustration to view it in full size.

A combined SeatalkNG and Seatalk network must only have a single source of power.
When you install a SeatalkNG converter, you must disconnect the power supply from the Seatalk side of the network. If your autopilot supplies power to the Seatalk network, remove the red power cable from the Seatalk connector while keeping the grey and yellow cables connected.

Do you have examples of specific devices that Orca supports?

The list below contains only examples of devices supported by Orca as a reference. Orca supports all Seatalk and SeatalkNG devices made by Raymarine.

  • Autopilots: Full control of Evolution autopilots. Partial control of older Raymarine autopilots. See the autopilot article for details.

  • Wind: ST60, RSW, E2297X, ITC-5 converter, wireless wind instruments with a MicroTalk to SeatalkNG base station

  • Depth, temperature, and speed through water: ST900, ST950, DT800

  • Radar: Quantum 1 and 2. See the radar article for details.

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