Installing your Orca Core
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This article describes how to install the Orca Core in your boat.

What are the dimensions of the Orca Core?

The Core's housing has a 118 x 118 mm width/length. The height of the housing is 35 mm. The mounting bracket adds an additional 15 mm height to the assembly.

Orca Core 1 and Orca Core 2 share the same housing dimensions.

Where should I install my Orca Core?

The Orca Core is waterproof and can be installed inside and outside. It can also be installed horizontally and vertically. When reviewing your installation location, consider the following:

  1. Install the Core away from other magnetic sources, such as compasses, generators, and other electronics. For the best compass accuracy, install the Core at least 1 meter away from sources of magnetic interference.

  2. For best GPS accuracy, install the Core with a free line of sight to the sky.

When selecting an installation location, we recommend powering on the Core at your intended installation location, and verifying the following prior to fastening the Core:

  1. You can connect to the Core with all your devices from the helm of your boat.

  2. The Core's GPS is able to connect to at least 8 satellites within 1 and 1/2 minutes after powering on.

For details about connecting to Core, see the relevant article.

To check the Core's GPS reception, connect the Orca App to your Core, and open Main Menu > Settings > Orca Core > Connected Devices.

How does Orca Core connect to my boat sensors?

Orca Core connects to your onboard sensors via NMEA 2000. The Core's connector is a standard Micro-C male connector. If you have a different onboard sensor network, you will need either an adapter cable or a converter.

To learn more about different boating networks and adapters, see the Networking Guide.

How do I power my Core?

The Orca Core can be powered via your NMEA2000 backbone or a standalone 12/24V DC power supply.

Depending on your Core model, your Core may require to be powered via a separate 12/24V power supply.

Three models of Orca Core exist, and you can identify the Core based on the number of cables:

Core 1 – has 1 cable: NMEA 2000 Micro-C. Is powered via NMEA 2000.

Core 2 – has 2 cables: NMEA 2000 Micro-C and M12 X Coded Ethernet. Is powered via NMEA 2000.

Powering your Orca Core

  1. Extend your NMEA 2000 backbone with the supplied T-connector.

  2. Connect your Core to the NMEA 2000 backbone to power it on.

To the left: NMEA 2000 backbone extended with a free T-connector. To the right: The Core's NMEA 2000 connector is added to the network.

A green light on the Core will light up for 30 seconds after it is connected to power.

How do I fasten the Core to my boat?

You can install the Core with the drill-through mount, or via a bonding pad. The bonding pad should not be used for fast-moving powerboats.

Installing with the bonding pad

  1. Use a cleaning agent to clean the surface of the Core and the surface of your boat

  2. Remove the dark plastic cover on the bonding pad and firmly place the bonding pad on the top of the Core housing

  3. Remove the red plastic cover on the bonding pad and firmly place the Core with the bounding pad against the mounting surface

  4. [Optional] Unscrew the three M4 torx screws from the Core drill-through mount and remove the drill-through mount for a cleaner installation

Orca Core installed with the bonding pad. The drill-through mount is removed.

Installing with drill-through mount

  1. Create a Ø 26-30mm hole at your mounting location

  2. Guide the Core's cables and drill mount through the hole

  3. Tighten the locking nut on the back of the core

Orca Core installed with drill-through mount.

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