I have problems connecting to my Orca Core
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This article covers several solutions for connection problems with the Orca Core. If you have followed these and still have connectivity problems, send an e-mail to hello@getorca.com and we will help you out.

Verify that the Orca Core is powered on and has sufficient power:

  1. When powered on, a green light will blink on top of the Core. This light will stop blinking after 30 seconds.

  2. Verify that you can see the Orca's WiFi access point via your phone/tablet's WiFi settings. The WiFi is named orca-XXXXXX. Do not attempt to connect manually via WiFi. The Orca app will connect by itself.

An orange light on top of the Orca Core indicates low supply voltage. In this situation, review your power supply.

A red light on top of the Orca Core indicates a critical error. Contact Orca support if this occurs.

Verify that the Orca Core is paired to your active account:

  1. Go to Main Menu > My Boat > My Cores

  2. Verify that the Orca Core is listed among your account devices

  3. If the Core is not listed among your devices, check your account email. You may have logged in on a separate account

For iOS devices, verify that you have given Orca permission to discover local networks:

  1. Open your iPhone/iPad settings

  2. Scroll to Orca

  3. Verify all permissions are granted

Disable all VPNs and WiFi security apps:

  1. For iOS: Open your device settings and disable VPN

If you are still unable to connect after reviewing this article, contact support on hello@getorca.com

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