Orca Overview
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Orca consists of three main parts:

  • The Orca App – for iOS, WatchOS, and Android devices

  • Orca Core – a smart navigation hub

  • Orca Display – an ultrabright marine tablet

Orca App

The Orca App is free to use and delivers a wide range of navigation functionality. It is a great tool for boaters who are looking for a modern navigation experience but does not want sensor integration with their boats or need a marine-grade navigation device.

Orca Core

The Orca Core is a Smart Navigation Hub. It contains a built-in GPS, Compass, heel sensor, and sailing processor. The Core also connects to external devices – such as AIS receivers and autopilots via NMEA 2000 – and broadcasts sensor data wirelessly to the Orca App and the Orca Display.

The Core is a great option for those who want advanced boat and sensor integration.

Orca Display

The Orca Display is an ultrabright marine tablet that handles extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The Display also comes with an optional wireless charging mount for hands-free navigation. It is a great option for those who are looking for a modern and flexible chartplotter replacement.

Orca Display can be used with the Core, or as a fully standalone navigation device thanks to its built-in high-accuracy GPS and compass.

The seamless experience

With Orca, all of your devices run the same software. It means your Orca Display will seamlessly synchronize trips and routes with your mobile and tablet, and you have the same great user experience on the boat and at home.

If you are new to Orca, we recommend you download the Orca app from the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore. If you are wondering which Orca setup is right for you, follow this interactive guide.

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