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Using a SIM card with Orca Display 1
Using a SIM card with Orca Display 1
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This article covers Orca Display 1 only. For Orca Display 2 owners, see the Display 2 section.

The Orca Display supports 3G and 4G nano-SIM cards. Before you begin, power your Display off by pressing the power button for 2 seconds and select Power off.

To insert a SIM card into your Orca Display, you’ll need to (1) remove the Display from its protective Charging Sleeve, (2) remove the waterproof back-cover and (3) remove the Display’s battery.

To remove the Display from its Charging Sleeve, insert a dull and flat tool, such as a butter knife, next to the top right corner between the glass screen and the soft plastic casing. Push the tool about 1 cm deep and bend the tool outwards to lift the Display’s corner out of the Charging Sleeve.

Make sure you do this process from the top of the display – where the bezel is most narrow – and begin with the corner closest to the Display’s power button.

How to remove the Charging Sleeve

Orca Display how to remove Charging Sleeve

Once the Display’s top right corner is fully revealed, repeat the process on the top left corner while keeping the right corner elevated. The Display’s topside should pop out of its sleeve once both corners are elevated.

Pull the Display upwards along the direction of the sleeve until you can see the Charging Sleeve’s internal power plug. Remove the plug from the Display by gently pulling it down and then remove the Display from the Sleeve.

How to remove Display from Sleeve pull

Turn the Display on its back and use the dull flat tool to open the waterproof cover of your Display.

Display remove waterproof cover

Remove the battery to access the SIM tray, and insert your SIM card into the tray.

How to insert SIM card into Display

Insert the battery again and attach the waterproof cover to the Display. Press down along the edges of the cover carefully to ensure you fully close it.

Insert the Display partially into the Charging Sleeve and attach the power plug. Slide the Display’s bottom fully into the Charging Sleeve, and then push down the top corners to secure the Display inside the Charging Sleeve.

Power on your Display and enter the PIN code of your SIM card to enable cellular connectivity.

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