Installing your Top Charging Mount

How to install the Top Charging Mount for the Orca Display 2

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Where should I install the Top Charging Mount?

The Orca Charging Mount is waterproof and can be installed inside and outside. When reviewing your installation location, consider the following:

  1. The mount requires a flat surface of at least 7x7 cm for mounting. The surface material must be sufficiently strong to support the mount in heavy sea at high speed.

  2. The Mount contains a wireless charging coil that may influence nearby magnetic compasses. Install the mount away from devices that are sensitive to magnetic disturbance.

  3. For the best possible thermal performance, install the mount at a shaded location

How do I power my Top Charging Mount?

The Orca Charging Mount is powered via a 12/24V DC power supply. You should verify sufficient power supply before you begin the installation of your Charging Mount. To connect to power:

  1. Connect the brown cable to a positive power terminal and the white cable to a negative power terminal. The terminal must be able to supply at least 5A and must have a separate fuse.

  2. A red light will appear on the housing of the mount when it is connected to power.

  3. Insert the Orca Display 2 into the mount. Orca Display 2 will indicate that it is charging via the battery symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

Do not connect the Charging Mount to your engine's starting battery. Doing so may damage the Charging Mount and Orca Display.

Do not insert any object between the Orca Display 2 and the Charging Mount while it is charging. Doing so may damage the Charging Mount and Orca Display.

How do I install the Top Charing Mount on my boat?

The Top Charging Mount contains several parts that make up the complete assembly:

  • The Charging Mount – the frame that holds your Display 2 and provides wireless charging.

  • The Mount Arm and VESA adapter – manufactured by RAM Mounts and compatible with all C-size RAM mounts.

  • The Top Mount Extension – gaskets, adapters, and screws for fastening the mount to your boat in a waterproof way.

  • 8x Two-sided screws – these are found in a bio-degradable plastic bag under the cardboard floor in the Charging Mount Box.

Prepare the Charging Mount for installation:

1. Insert the four two-sided screws on the back side of the mount housing. The short threaded part of the screw is to be connected to the mount. Tighten with a wrench, slightly tighter than hand-tightening.

2. Place the four shoulder washers on the screws, with the shoulder facing towards the mount.

3. Place the VESA plate, followed by a soft rubber washer on each screw and hand-tighten the locking nuts.

The Top Charging Mount kit is also delivered with screws for surface mounting. Use the four screws with a long unthreaded part (shoulder/shank) for the Top Mount.

Drill holes for the Top Mount:

1. Place the Gasket of your Top Mount Extension at your mounting location and use it as a guide to mark the drill location for the four holes with a pen

2. Drill three 5mm (M4) holes for the fastening screws

3. Drill the center hole for the power cable. The center hole should be between 10 and 20mm.

Add a small chamfer to your drill holes to prevent gelcoat cracking around the holes.

Assemble the Cockpit Adapter:

1. Remove the waterproof Cable Guide from the Top Mount Extension

2. Guide the power cable through the Cable Guide. Leave about 40cm of cable between the mount and the gasket to allow for adjustment of the mounting arm.

3. Place the Gasket followed by the Top Mount Extension at the installation location. Insert the Cable Guide with the charging cable into the Top Mount Extension.
4. Place the foot of the mounting arm on top of the Cockpit Adapter.

5. Guide locking screws through the assembly, add washers on the underside and tighten firmly with a wrench.

Finish the assembly:

1. Loosen the mount arm sufficiently to guide the Charging Mount's rubber ball into the mounting arm
2. Adjust the position of your mount and tighten the mounting arm

Are there other mounting alternatives?

Yes, the Orca Display 2 uses the RAM C-size mounting arm. It means Orca is Compatible with all RAM C-size mounts, such as a wide range of rail mounts.

The screws on the back of the Charging Mount are VESA 100mm compatible, meaning you can connect the Charging Mount to any VESA adapter.

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