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Who is Orca for?
Who is the Orca Charging Mount for?
Who is the Orca Charging Mount for?
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The Orca Charging Mount allows you to use the Orca Display 2 hands-free. It also charges the Display 2 via a 25W wireless charging system.

The Orca Charging Mount is fully waterproof, and the wireless charging system allows you to use and charge your Orca Display 2 without exposing any ports or cables to rain or salt water. The Orca Charging Mount comes in two variations:

  1. The Surface Charging Mount

  2. The Top Charging Mount

The Surface Charging Mount

The Surface Charging Mount is designed for mounting on a flat surface. It requires a minimum flat surface area of 260x190mm. The Surface Mount also requires a cutout in the surface of at least 130x130mm. The maximum cutout supported is 220x160mm.

Dual sailboat helm

The mount creates a watertight seal towards the surface, allowing it to replace existing chartplotter cutouts. This option is also suited for mounting on mast mounts.

The Top Charging Mount

The Top Charging Mount is designed to minimize the mounting surface footprint. It requires a flat surface area of 70x70mm. The mount has an adjustable arm that lets you adjust its position and orientation.

Display 2 navigation in boat

The Top Charging Mount kit includes all parts of the Surface Charging Mount kit, so if you are in doubt about which option to choose, select the Top Charging Mount.

When should I get an Orca Charging Mount?

If you want to use the Orca Display 2 hands-free while charging it, and your helm is exposed to rain or saltwater, you should use an Orca Charging Mount because it is waterproof and charges the Display 2 wirelessly.

If you only go boating shorter sessions and can charge the Display 2 between sessions you may not need a charging mount. If you have a closed cockpit, can consider using a general-purpose tablet mount and change your Display 2 via USB-C.

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If you are ready to buy the Orca Charging Mount, you can order it via the Orca Web Store.

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