How do I set an anchor watch?
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Orca can monitor your anchor location and sound an alert if you drift outside the anchor location.

Start anchor watch via Main Menu > My Boat > Anchor Watch.

Before you activate the watch, change the security area with the controls at the bottom of the screen:

  • Offset - Distance between the current position and anchor location.

  • Radius - Maximum distance you allow your boat to move within the security area without activating the alarm.

  • Drop angle - Orientation of the security area relative to your vessels heading

  • Cone angle - Shape of the security area from a cone to a full circle

Press Set location to arm the anchor watch.

If your vessel exits the watch area, an audible alert will be played. The alert has two stages. The first stage is subtle and lasts for 30 seconds, while the second stage is loud.

The device that activates the anchor watch must run Orca in the foreground – meaning the app must be visible on the screen – for the watch to function. The anchor watch will not work when the Orca app is closed or put into background mode.

It is strongly recommended to only run the anchor watch when the device is charging. Do not solely rely on a digital anchor watch for safety while anchoring.

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