How do I connect remotely to my boat?
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Orca supports Remote Access, allowing you to connect remotely to your boat via the internet.

Remote Access allows you to check your boat's position, fuel levels, battery status, and other vital parameters โ€“ so you can know that all well and ready for the next adventure.

When is Remote Access useful?

Remote Access is for those who want peace of mind when they are not aboard their boat. Typical situations to use Remote Access are:

  • You are at anchor and want to view your boat's position and wind information when you are away from the boat

  • You want to ensure your boat is ready before your next journey, that battery status and fuel levels are as expected.

What do I need to be able to use Remote Access?

To use Remote Access you only need an Orca Core with a Firmware version 0.22.0 or higher. The Core must powered on and connected to the Internet via WiFi Link.

Remote access is currently available to all Orca Core owners access. In the future, Remote Access will be added to an active subscription.

How do I set up Remote Access?

To set up remote access:

  1. Power the Orca Core

  2. Connect the Orca core to the Internet. You can connect via WiFi Link or using an Ethernet cable. You can read here how to connect your Core to a WiFi or Ethernet network.

You can verify that Remote Access is active by disabling WiFi and Bluetooth on your phone. If Remote Access is active, the phone will connect to the Core via cellular internet, and you will see a notification about remote access via the Orca App Main Menu.

How often is the data updated?

The update frequency of the data depends on the data type. Most data is updated minutely.

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