Setting Anchor Watch
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

Easily activate the Anchor watch mode by opening the main menu and pressing on the Anchor watch.

Before setting the anchor location, you may define the security area. If the boat leaves the security area, an auditive alarm will be activated. Press Lock to boat location if your anchor location is right below your boat. The security area will be centered around your current position.

If you think there is an offset between your current position and the anchor, you can move the security area by panning the map. You can see in the map breadcrumbs of your past locations to help you identify the position of your anchor.

You can also define the shape of the security area by modifying the following parameters:

  • Offset - Add or reduce the offset between your current position to the anchor location.

  • Radius - Define the maximum distance you allow your boat to move within the security area without activating the alarm.

  • Drop angle - Define the orientation of the security area where you allow your boat to move.

  • Cone angle - Define the shape of the security area. The shape is defined as a cone that you can expand it into a full circle.

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