How do I control my Radar?
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Orca gives you advanced radar control on iOS, Android and Orca Displays.

Before you control your Radar

For Radar control to be available, you must:

  1. Power on the Radar

  2. If you have connected the Radar via a chartplotter, power on the chartplotter

  3. If you don't have an external heading source, calibrate your Core's compass

Showing and hiding the Radar Overlay

Radar is shown as a layer on top of your chart. To show the Radar Overlay:

  1. Open your Control Panel. The Control Panel Button is found in the top right corner of your chart.

  2. Press on Radar in the layer group. The blue color indicates that the radar layer is turned on.

Turning on the Radar layer in Orca will also set your Radar to Transmit mode. Hiding the Radar layer will not stop Radar transmission.

Controlling your Radar

From the Control Panel, you will be able to adjust your Radar. Press Radar Status to change between Transmit and Standby.

Radar mode lets you select between Harbor, Coastal, Offshore, and Weather modes.

Sensitivity, Wave noise reduction, and Rain noise reduction can be adjusted by dragging the sliders.

Pressing the vertical three dots next to each slider will show a larger slider control for more accurate controls along with the option to set Auto mode for the given option.

All changes to radar controls in Orca will also affect your other radar-capable devices.

More advanced radar functionality, including doppler, target tracking, and sector blanking will arrive in future updates.

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