Sensor integration and the Orca Core
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

At the heart of Orca the marine co-pilot is the Orca Core, a smart navigation hub that connects to your boat via NMEA 2000. Orca Core broadcasts sensor data wirelessly so you can use your personal tablet and the Orca Display as fully featured navigation displays.

With an integrated high-sensitivity GPS, 9-axis IMU, and compass, the Orca Core can fully replace traditional NMEA 2000 GPS and compass units aboard.

At a glance

  • Built-in high accurate GPS, 9-axis inertial motion unit, and magnetic compass for accurate position tracking.

  • Bi-directional NMEA 2000 connection for reading and controlling sensors and instruments.

  • High-performance wireless gateway for connecting up to five wireless hand-held devices simultaneously.

  • Supported integrations: engine & trim, AIS, fuel, depth, and wind for a full overview of your boat status.

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