How do I calibrate my Core's Compass?
Updated over a week ago

The Orca Core contains a Motion Processor and a Magnetic Compass. Both sensors require calibration before they can be used.

Orca will automatically notify you if a calibration is needed when you connect to your Core.

If you have dismissed this notification or you want to recalibrate, open Main Menu > My Boat and press Calibrate Compass to begin calibration.

Calibration takes typically 3 minutes and requires:

  1. Calm waters

  2. Sufficient space to make a 360-degree turn at a slow turning rate

You must recalibrate your Core if you move it or if you install any electronic devices in the vicinity of the Core. You should also re-calibrate your Core at the beginning of every season.

The Core will not broadcast Heading, Attitude, and Rate of Turn data via NMEA 2000 until it has been calibrated.

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