Orca updates the Orca iOS and Android app on a weekly basis. The updates are made available via the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

The Orca Display also receives updates frequently, but on a slightly different schedule than the apps – and because of this, your Orca Display may not always offer the same features as the Orca Apps.

The reason for this is that we first roll out an update on the mobile apps, gather data about stability across various devices and systems – and only release updates to the Display after we are confident that the update is stable across a wide range of boat setups.

We do this because it's practically impossible to test weekly updates on hundreds of different boat setups. Because the Display is a primary navigation device, we add this as an extra measure of safety before we roll out a Display update.

Quite often, the updates in Orca are small and it usually just takes a matter of days to verify stability. When complex updates are released, the Display may lag behind your Orca App by up to two weeks.

If you are missing an update on your Display, feel free to reach out.

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