How to explore Orca charts?
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

Orca charts behave just like other maps you are used to on your phone and tablet. Pan, zoom in and out, and rotate the map freely with the gestures you already know:

  • Drag to pan the chart

  • Pinch in and pinch out to zoom in and out

  • Rotate with two fingers to rotate the chart

As you zoom in, the details shown in the map increase gradually.

Where other chart providers offer large stepwise increases in detail as you zoom into the chart, Orca Charts provide a carefully designed and gradual increase of details as you zoom in.

This careful balance means that you are able to view navigation-critical information, such as shallow rocks or soundings more easily without having to zoom far into the charts.

You can notice this effect in the video below – Orca Charts have no abrupt change in detail level as you zoom in, and critical information such as navigation marks and rocks stay visible and legible at all times.

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