How to customize the charts?
Written by Jorge Sevillano
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Orca Charts can be adjusted to behave the way you want them to do โ€“ from visual representation to how they behave when you move around in the charts.

To edit your chart settings, go open the Main Menu > Settings > Chart.

These are the elements available to you for tailoring the map:

  • Allow Map rotation - Allow map rotation or lock to north-up only.

  • Follow mode - Change how the Follow Me button behaves

  • Show navigation aim line - extends a navigation aim line along your current course or heading

  • Navigation aim line distance - If the aim line is enabled, you may select between showing a Fixed aim line or a Dynamic aim line. If you choose Dynamic, you may choose between 10 mins or 30 mins

  • Orientation and aim line direction - This option lets you choose how the orientation and the aim line direction are calculated, either your course derived from the GPS or the heading derived from your magnetic compass

  • Show breadcrumbs - Your location during the last 24 hours of activity is shown in the map as breadcrumbs.

  • Delete breadcrumbs - Press there to delete your breadcrumbs.

  • Show AIS targets - Enable to show AIS targets from your NMEA2000 AIS receiver and from the Orca online AIS network

  • Ignore own AIS - Enable to automatically identify and hide your AIS broadcast.

  • Obstacle height indicator - Bridge and cables lower than the selected height will be shown with red height indicators. Use the slider to change the height limit.

  • Depth shading - Depth areas more shallow than the selected value will be shown on shades of blue. Deeper areas will be white. Use the slider to select the depth shading limit.

  • Offline Chart data - Press on this item to manually force an update of the charts that you have downloaded

  • Delete offline data - Press to remove all offline chart data from the device

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