How do I create a route?
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There are multiple starting points for creating routes in Orca. These are:

  • Select a saved spot in the chart or from the Spots & Route list in the main menu

  • Search for a destination from the Explore menu

  • Long press in the chart at your destination

Once you have selected your desired destination press Navigate to.

After a short moment, a route preview will appear on the chart.

In Orca, there are three types of routes:

  • Engine routes – automatically created routes for when going by an engine.

  • Sail routes – automatically created routes for sailing based on your Polar Diagram and weather forecast. Requires internet.

  • Manual routes – routes where each waypoint is created by you

The active route type is shown in the lower-left corner of the route preview. Press on it to change the route type. This control also allows you to:

  • Save the route

  • Edit waypoints – add or edit waypoints along the route to adjust it

  • Change departure time – The default departure time is Now, tap on it to change the departure time

  • View details – shows information about the weather along your route for the selected departure time

Saved routes are synchronized between your devices via the internet.

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