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How do I view the weather forecast along a route?
How do I view the weather forecast along a route?
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Orca estimates your travel path and shows you a tailor-made weather forecast for your specific route. There are two ways of viewing weather along a route:

  1. When previewing a route proposal

  2. When following a route during navigation

Viewing the weather forecast when previewing a route proposal

When previewing a route, press Details. Adjust departure time by pressing Now.

In the Route Details screen, you will see an overview of the wind, waves, and current conditions along the route.

Viewing the weather forecast while following a route

When following a route, or when navigating freely, press weather in the bottom left corner of the chart.

You will then see a weather forecast in the chart, along with a textual summary of your current location.

Tap on the weather type button in the top right corner to select between weather types:

  • Weather – cloud coverage, temperature, and precipitation

  • Radar – real-time precipitation radar that shows rainfall and storms

  • Waves – wave and swell forecast

  • Tides – tide and currents forecast

If a route is active when viewing the weather forecast, Orca will show you the weather along the route, extrapolated for your estimated travel time.

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