Customizing instruments
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

By default, the Orca App app shows the cruising instruments but you may select a different mode and customize it to your needs.

You may select a different instruments mode by going to the Settings menu and pressing, under the Instruments section.

There are two modes of instruments - Cruising and Sailing.

The Cruising instruments are a collection of customizable gauges that inform you of the most relevant metrics during your journey.

The Sailing instruments feature a novel visual representation that shows at a glance the most relevant calculated metrics for sailing. These are TWS, TWA, COG, AWA, and heading among more.

After having selected an instruments mode, you may customize the visible gauges.

Press on any gauge and a wide variety of alternative options will be shown below. The active gauge will be highlighted with a blue background. Press on the desired gauge to replace your selection. Orca makes it easy for you to understand what sensors you have available. The available instruments will show real-time data so you can be confident that you are selecting a valid instrument.

Once you have finalized the customization, press the back arrow to leave the Settings menu. Your new instruments panel shall be ready to use.

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