How do I control my Autopilot?
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Orca supports mode change, heading control, and following a route when your autopilot is connected to the Orca Core.

How do I set up my Core for Autopilot control?

Before you attempt to control your autopilot, be aware of the following:

  1. Simrad, B&G, and Lowrance autopilots only support a single navigation source. For Navigation mode to work on these autopilots, you'll need to set Orca as your Navigation Data source on your Autopilot's Head Unit display

  2. Some autopilots require the Orca Core to share Compass and GPS data to function. Calibrate your Orca Core and activate sharing via Main Menu > My Boat > Connected Devices before you activate your Autopilot

Do not activate a route on a traditional chartplotter and in Orca at the same time if both are connected to your autopilot's NMEA network.

How do I control my autopilot?

  1. Power on your Autopilot

  2. Connect your Orca Display or Orca Mobile Application to your Orca Core

  3. Press Navigation at the bottom of the chart screen

  4. Swipe to the left-most instrument page to find your autopilot controls

From the Autopilot Screen, you will be able to change the mode and heading of your autopilot.

How do I make my autopilot follow a route?

To follow a route, create a route and select Nav as your navigation mode from the autopilot control.

Orca supports advancing through waypoints as traditional chartplotters. In Nav mode, a separate set of controls will appear that shows information about the upcoming leg.

Orca requires approval for all turns sharper than 30 degrees. Approval can be pre-granted up to 15 minutes ahead of the waypoint arrival. All other turns will be auto-approved.

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