How to calculate routes from the chart?
Written by Jorge Sevillano
Updated over a week ago

To find a route from your current location, Long press at your desired location in the chart and select Navigate to.

After a short moment, a route preview will appear on the chart.

The route takes into consideration your depth and height limits to avoid shallows and bridges. While the route is based on analyzing millions of data points from official chart data, you should always check the route carefully โ€“ and you as a captain are always responsible for the safety of the route.

Route segments that pass over or near shallow areas will be marked as red, and segments that pass under bridges or cables will also be highlighted with a special marker.

Routing currently requires internet connectivity. In case you do not have internet, Orca will create a manual route. To do so, select Edit Waypoints from the route menu at the bottom of the screen.

The video below shows you how to create a route from the chart.

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